Moringaoleiferais a folk plant of Moringaceae occurring in and around Udupi district in India. It is effectively
used in the folklore medicine in the management of low backache and arthritis. The traditional medicines have
been used as sources of bioactive compounds, including potential antitumor, antioxidant, antiobesity, and
antimicrobial molecules. The present study aimed to evaluate analgesic activityof aqueous extract of leaves of
M. oleiferain albino rats. Eddy’s hot plate test was used for antinoceceptive assay. The animals were divided
into four groups control, standard and test. The control group administered with distilled water, standard group
with Panadol 100 mg/kg and the test groupreceived aqueous leaves extract of M. oleiferaat different doses (50 ,
100 mg/kg orally). The oral administration of aqueous extract of leaves of M. oleifera(50 and 100mg/kg)
exhibited significant (p<0.05) antinociceptive activity and dose dependent results at all the doses and standard
group (Panadol 100 mg/kg) when compared to the control group. Also the extract was found to have a
significant (p<0.001) reduction of painful sensation on hot plate method at all doses. potential. This study
reveals that the leaves of M. oleiferaare a potent analgesic which supports the traditional claim


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