Background:Hypertension is the most common medical disorder encountered during pregnancy,occurring in 6-8% of pregnancies. Women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy)HDP) are all at increased risk of complications antenatally and in the puerperium.
Aim of study:To identify the maternal and fetal outcome in patients with chronic hypertension.Materials and methods:Retrospective case series study, it was conducted in Tripoli Medical CenterTripoli/Libya during the year 2017. The study population was all pregnant womenadmitted to Obstetrics and GynecologyTripoli Medical Center in 2017. A total of 1996 deliveries wererecorded in 2017, among those about 50 cases had chronic hypertension. Thefollowing data was obtained from the files: the age, gravidity, parity, history ofprevious abortion, gestational age, maternal complications, mode of delivery,neonatal outcome.Result:Theprevalence of chronic hypertension in pregnancy was 2.51% ,with mean age was (33.1 ± 6.9 years). The maximum age of thepatients was 44 years and the minimum age was 19 years. Most of the agedistribution of the patients in this study was between 31 and 40 years. Most of the patients were multigravidas and multifarious. The most prominent maternal complications was preeclampsia, renal complications , abruption placenta and HEEL Psyndrome. With regard neonatal complications, around 6% stillbirth, 4% IUGR, 8%prematurity, 2% RDS, and 2% hypothermia.


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