Neonatal sepsis still a main leading cause of morbidity and mortality among
neonates, especially in the developing countries ,Most cases of Neonatal sepsis in neonatal
intensive care unit are attributed to GB streptococcus, klebsiellapneumonia and other members
of Enterobacteriaceae family.Shewanella algae (S.algae)is a gram –negative saprophytic bacillus,
commonly associated with the marine environment,which has been isolated from humans.Early
onset neonatal sepsis caused by S.algae is uncommon.Wereporta first case of Shewanella.
Algaemeningitis in newborn with early onset neonatal sepsis which was responding to
antimicrobial therapy and associated with good early out come and no late neurodevelopmental
Keywords:Shewanella algae,neonatal meningitis, early onset neonatal sepsis, Libya.


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