The aims of the present study was to evaluate the incidence and pattern of canine
impaction in a population in Zawia city, using panoramic radiographs.507ortho-pantomographs
were retrospectively examined from private clinics in Zawia city, Libya, between January 2018
and September 2019 to identify incidence of impacted canines. The radiographs showing canine
impaction were further screened for; gender, site (upper and lower) and location (left or right or
on both sides of the jaw) to study the effect it had on canine impaction.Out of 507panoramic
radiographs, 38 cases were reported with one or more impacted canines, this study reported an
incidence rate of 7.4%, with a male to female ratio of 1:3.1. Maxillary canine impactions(84.2%)
were more frequent than mandibular canine impactions(15%), 26% of impactions occurred
bilaterally. Maxillary impactions located on the left side were more than on the right side, while
mandibular impactions were equally occurred on both sides. In conclusion, the incidence of
canine impaction in a population in Zawia city/Libya was found to be 7.4%; this was within the
range reported by previous studies among other populations
Keyword: Impaction, Canine, Unerupted teeth, Panoramic radiographs, Libya


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