Nimesulide is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with analgesic and antipyretic
properties which was launched in Italy as Aulin® in 1985. Huge concerns were raised regarding
this drug as its users are at a high risk for developing a serious ADR called Drug-Induced liver
Injury which may lead to liver failure. The goal of this study was to sheds light on nimesulide
which is present illegally in private pharmacies and to the harm that it may pose on public health;
in order to draw the attention of the responsible authorities to the danger of its availability in our
market. A survey of 65 pharmacies in Tripoli was conducted to identify the availability of
nimesulide in these pharmacies. The knowledge of its different dosage forms, strength, brands
available, pattern of prescribing, and ADRs among pharmacists and coworkers were all collected.
100 % response was obtained as 65 pharmacy personnel answered the questionnaire. We found
out that this medicine is available in all of them. The response to the questionnaire is illustrated
in figures from1 to 4. Nimesulide dispensing pattern was shown to be almost always through
patients’ request. In conclusion, the uncontrolled presence of this medicine may pose a public
health risk, therefore a request for its ban from Libyan market should be seriously considered.
Keywords: Nimesulide, adverse drug reaction, drug-induced liver injury, ban, Libya

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