Advancing the physiotherapy services in Libya are requiring to focus on many aspects.
As employees, physiotherapists in Libya would provide a better service if they were more
satisfied with their jobs. The aim of this study was to explore the job satisfaction of the
physiotherapy profession in the Central Hospital of Tripoli (CHT) in Libya. This qualitative
study is frame-worked within a focus ethnographic paradigm that was done by recruiting seven
participants (4 males and 3 females). They were all Libyan physiotherapists who worked in CHT
in Libya. Online semi-structured interviews were used as a means of data collection by applying
a specific topic guide. Data analysis was performed by applying the framework analysis
approach. The study has determined 6 main themes with 17 subthemes. These themes were:
financial shortage, professional relationships, organisational, outcomes, passion towards the
profession and safety and security. The study observed that the most unsatisfactory aspect of their
work was the lack of autonomy from the hospital administration, while the participants felt that
their job is challenging in a positive sense regarding their interaction with their patients. All
participants were satisfied that all statements were valid and measured significant aspects of job
satisfaction in physiotherapy.
Keywords: Physiotherapy, hospital administration, job satisfaction, Libya

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