This study was carried out to identify ADE, associated with the use of both PO and IV
Bps among Libyan patients. The results indicated that significant number of patients have
suffered different ADRs when using this group of medicines, for long period of time including
BRONJ. The study has introduced BRONJ as being one of the major bisphosphonate-associated
risks that causes decline in patients’ quality of life, and emphasized the importance of early
detection of signs and symptoms associated with ONJ, thus reducing its incidence among Bps
users. The results underlined the importance of investigating the prevalence of BRONJ among
Libyan patients undergoing long-term Bps treatment, as has been emphasized by both TUH’
chief maxillofacial surgeon who introduced the two cases of BRONJ in only one month and the
oncology clinical pharmacist who together sensed the aggravating risk of the misuse of this group
of drugs and stressed the need to develop special protocol to ensure safe treatment.The study also
pointed out the importance of multidisciplinary health team, including a dentist and a pharmacist,
to ensure safe and effective use of this group of medications. This study therefore opens the door
to investigate the adverse consequences that face patients undergoing bisphosphonate treatment.
It also introduces all precautionary measures that should be taken into consideration when
prescribing and administering bisphosphonates.
Keywords: Bisphosphonates, Adverse drug reaction, Osteonecrosis of the Jaw, Adverse events


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