A New Health System was a call for all health care sectors to renew their focus on improving
the quality and safety of patient care in all health care delivery settings. Quality
methodology has been implemented in healthcare to fulfill a mission of enhancing the safety
& satisfaction. The General Practice medicine(GP) and Information Technology (IT) have
gained increasing attention across the healthcare prospects to sustain patient safety
improvement and diminishing resources.
. The main objective is to improve performance of the district health system based on a
family practice approach and information technology implantation, guided by the primary
health care reforms. Accomplishing Universal Health Coverage through strengthening
people-centered and integrated care services, and development of a family practice model
at the district level of health service delivery in Libya
This basic coverage introduces Quality improvements (QI) concepts, strategy, and
techniques which design primary healthcare GP & EHR implementation to achieve
Meaningful Use, and improve the patient care quality.
. A district operations study describes the progress of the present health coverage through
performance and competency-based assessment of facilities in Libya. As a first step; a
situational analysis of the health services in Azzawia district was done, followed by Focus
Groups Discussions (FGD) with various contributors before finalizing the action plan. The
assessment of 46 certified PHC facilities performance found that: 47% accessibility to health
care services, 46% package of services available, and 39% People centeredness of care
services organized local planning, 24% follow up procedures, 17% on functional
documented good practices and case studies evidences, 26% mechanisms for patient
continuous car, 39% functional referral system and 15% Quality of care programs.
. concluding that through the QI methodology and GP & IT implementation; improving
patient care, enhancing the healthcare facilities service, and achieving the expected outputs
and desired outcomes of Universal Health Coverage.
Key words; Primary care Quality, General Practice 'GP', Electronic Health Record 'HER';
Health Information Technology 'IT', Focus Groups Discussions (FGD), continuous competency

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