Volvulus is a rare cause of large bowel obstruction in our population. It is more common in
elderly as compared to young adult patients. Here we report a 25 year old male patient who
had volvulus of the sigmoid colon ,treated by primary resection and end to end anastomosis
because the sigmoid colon was gangrenous .
Volvulus is defined as a twisting of a loop of intestine around its mesenteric attachment site 1
(Latin Volvere , to roll ) 2 .
Volvulus can occur at various sites of the gastrointestinal tract , but the commonest site is the
sigmoid which is involved in 90% of cases 3.
Volvulus of the colon causes large bowel obstruction in 5-10 % of patients 4.
Sigmoid volvulus is common in elderly as compared to young people 5 ,and has a high
prevalence in South America , Africa , and parts of Asia with slight male preponderance 5.


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