Holoprosencephaly (HPE),a disorder which results from a failure of cleavage or the incomplete
differentiation of the forebrain structures at avarious levels or to avarious degree ,Alobar
holoprosencephaly is the most severe defect in which there is no cleavage of the forebrain
(prosencephalon )which lead to single ventricular cavity and this lead to defects in the
development of brain structures and functions and also in the development of of the face .We
are reporting a case of nulliparous 40 years Libyan diabetic women G4 P0 who delivered
preterm 29 weeks male foetus with alobar holoprpsencephaly and multiple anomalies
associated with it which are Cyclopia (single or divided eye in a single orbit),Arhinia, Proboscis
(falsely nose like appendages),This case is being reported because of it,s rarity and the available
literature was reviewed in this aspect .
Key wards :Alobar holoprosencephaly(HPE), Cyclopia( ,Arhinia, Proboscis. Maternal diabetes
,aspirine use, maternal age

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