Headache is nearly a universal human experience. It has a significant
impact on public health and healthcare cost. Proper understanding, evaluation, and
prompt management would go a long way in improving the quality of life of the
patient of headache. And while headache is a common complaint in every day
practice of otolaryngologists, sinonasal headache is a controversial, but distinct type
of headache that has received an increased amount of attention in the literature over
the past few years even so the true incidence of headache from this cause is unknown,
because many specialties are involved in the management of this kind of headaches.
Therefore, it is necessary to be proficient in evaluating headaches of both sinonasal
and non sinonasal origin alike. As a somewhat unsettled topic, there is very little
information in textbooks regarding this subject. This article will help us in understanding and refresh our knowledge regarding headache and sinusitis, define sinonasal
headache, and review the literature supporting and opposing the existence of sinonasal headaches and its criteria.

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