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Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with understanding that they are represent original material and they are not being considered for publication elsewhere. The editors welcome the submission of relevant articles for editorial consideration (critical reviews, full length original papers, news and brief communications as well as case reports). Manuscripts and all scientific and professional data should be addressed to ..... Results or opinions expressed by the authors are their responsibility and publication of the National Medical Research Centre does not necessarily endorse such results and opinions

Editorial Team

  • General Director of National Medical Research Center

  • Prof. Essam B. Abukhedir

  • Editor-in-Chief

  • Issam A. Aboukdeer
  • Editor Manager

  • Ragab S. Aoun
  • Advisory Board

  • Fathi M. Sherif
  • Aboulgasem E. El-Gerbi
  • Hatem Kebeeza
  • Mehdi M. Khamas
  • Journal Office

  • Belgassem S. Fazzani
  • Jamaleddin Jamoum
  • Yousef O. Kashada
  • Technical Board

  • Salem D. Amer


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