Biomedical waste  management focuses on reducing the  volume of waste generated within hospitals, 
and classified waste into various steps, reduction, segregation storage, transportations and treatment and 
disposal, to prevent infection. Lack of knowledge about bio-Medical waste management has a significant 
influence on the environment, and health care workers. This paper aimed to assess the level of awareness 
and behavior for employees in Sabratha hospitals towards dealing with bio-medical waste and ways to 
dispose  it.  The  results  were  collected  by  means  of  a  questionnaire  distributed  to  205  participants  were 
randomly selected from the hospital staff. The data was analyzed by using the statistical analysis system 
(SPSS-22).  The  results  showed  that  the  medical-staff  have  low  level  of  awareness  and  behavior  toward 
medical  waste  management,  both  awareness  and  behavior  rated  (48%).  The  study  indicate  that  the 
relationship between awareness and behavior was Positive, that mean increasing the level of awareness 

helps to improving behavioral level of hospital workers.

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