Background: Hypertension is a cardinal feature of end stage renal disease (ESRD),hypertensive nephropathy is the primary cause of ESRD for nearly 30% of patients, and the prevalence of hypertension is more than 85% in patientswith ESRD, data on the hypertensive nephropathy in Libya, and particularly among hemodialysis patients, are scarce.


This study was conducted to studyhypertensions a cause ofESRDin thesespecific health-care setting at 37 dialysis centers in Libya as well as demographic features and etiologic factors for hypertensive nephropathy.

Patients and Methods: The present cross-sectional study included a total of 2358 patients at 37 dialysis centers in different cities across the three main regions of Libya (Western, Eastern, and Southern regions), the majority of them from west. There were 902 (38.3%) female and 1456 (61.7%) male with mean age 51.30 ± 16.30 years.

Results: Overall of the study population had renal failure but the causes of renal failure differ, 598 (25.4%) of patients due to hypertension, 560 (23.7%) due to diabetes mellitus,Blood pressure and diabetes in 305 (12.9%), blood pressure and glomerular disease 16 (0.7%), blood pressure and urinary tract obstruction 21 (0.9%), genetic diseases 193 (8.2%), glomerular diseases 141 (6.0%), inflammation of the tract 8 (0.3%), obstruction of the urinary tract 95 (4.0%), unclear reasons 421 (17.9%). All these risk factors were diverse underlying causes of end-stage renal disease in these patients.


The present study showed that the highest number of renal failure patients due to hypertension and diabetes also the present study showed that the male sex is more affected by hypertensive nephropathy and the overall frequency of nephropathy was higher in western region.

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