Category: Volume 15, Issue 2, 2021
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Back ground :enuresis for most children is a source of shame and anxiety with profound effect on self-perception ,relationship and school performance, hence the study of nocturnal enuresis in Tripoli city.Aim of the study: to determine the prevalence of nocturnal enuresis and identify the possible risk factors among primary school children in Tripoli city .Materials  and Method : A cross sectional survey was performed between March to May 2021, the study subjects primary   school children aged 6 -12 years  taken randomly from 10 school in Tripoli city, A special forma questionnaire was used to collect data which included  the following ,socio-‎demographic factors, family characteristics and factors related to the ‎presence of enuresis. statistical analysis was done by  SPSS 22 package program Results:   A total  500 of  primary school children with response rate 418(‎‎81.6%),the prevalence rate  of enuresis are ‎19.6 % ,more comm. one in  males, in  age group from  6-8 years, and  also children with ‎birth order from 2nd to 4th‎were more  affected with ‎enuresis than ‎others‎, most of enuretic child were hartd‎ awaken(16.5%),‎faced ‎stressful ‎events( 17%) , burning of micturition( 11%),  and  ‎complained of ‎other ‎disease( ‎‎10.5%) .Conclusion: The study revealed  that the prevalence of enuresis 19.6%.with a higher in boys. highe ducation level of parents,, sleeping pattern, existence stressful events,  positive family history of NE, large family size, more children household and presence of other diseases especially urinary tract. May act as risk factor for NE.

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