Objective: The association of types of thyroid disorders in Down syndrome patients is well known. Our aim to investigate the thyroid function inLibyan children with Down’s syndrome (DS). Methods: Fifty-one Libyan with DS who were followed regularly in our outpatient clinic of endocrine department, Pediatric department, Tripoli University Hospital were studied. There were 37 males and 14 females, with a mean age of 5.7 ± 2.9 years. Originally; were from different Libyan cities, 30 patients from Tripoli (58.8%), 10 from west of Libya (19.6%), 8 from middle of Libya (15.7%) and 3 from south (5.9%). Thyroid function were measured in all DS patients.

Results: In overall regarding thyroid dysfunction, Thirty-Nine subjects DS patients (76%) with thyroid dysfunction. Diagnostic age were ranged from first month of age up to 129 months (10 years) of age. Twenty-two Down syndrome patients (43.1%) diagnosed at first visit. Eleven patients of them (21.5%) of the DS patients presented during first month of age with high level of TSH, diagnosed as congenital hypothyroidism. Furthermore, 9 patients from them with congenital heart disease. Mean age of their mothers 33.4 ± 7.0. 15 mothers their age between 21-29 years and 25 mothers were in third decade of age. Only 11 patients their mother’s ≥40 years old,

Conclusions: Thyroid dysfunction is common in Libyan subjects with DS. Children with Down syndrome is very important. Our study would support this recommendation even in children in different of age and without specific thyroid symptom etiology, in particular as they advance in age.

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