quality control is a broad term covering the methods used to monitor the quality of
many products from aircraft, ships, cars, games, food and beverage industries and medicines etc.
In the field of medical laboratory this term used to denote the methods used for continuous
evaluation of the results of the laboratory of all kinds. That is the main objective of quality
control in medical laboratories is to ensure the validity and accuracy of the results of analyzes
performed by the laboratory. they are used to verify the results accuracy. As it is well known by
everyone, the results of the laboratory can lead to the wrong decision during medical diagnosis or
treatment follow-up based on results and sometimes fatal consequences. And for this Van
accuracy of laboratory results is of great importance, hence the importance of gaining quality
control. It is essential that everyone be convinced of the importance of quality control programs
in medical laboratories It is not enough to be convinced that our results are correct once
guessing, because many of the experiments conducted in the past made clear the importance of
urgent and pressing to improve results in the medical laboratory. For example, the national
external quality control programs such as those monitoring programs, help detect errors and
identify problems in medical laboratories, but this does not sing about the existence of internal
quality control in each laboratory separately but this topic programs are going on all the time to
help in the qualitative evaluation and follow-up in the laboratory on an ongoing basis. This topic
programs, including both internal or external, only describe the quality of laboratory results, and
the technicians in laboratories of all levels to use the results of this topic and programs to
improve the quality of the work they do. The aim of conducting this topic initial study is to find
out what was the medical laboratories of all kinds in the medical reference laboratory in Tripoli,
Libya, do any programs for quality control. I will take this topic highlighted in the paper on
quality control in medical laboratory programs, and the problems they face and we will propose
some solutions to these problems. Through the results obtained through the implantation of
quality control samples of medium and high concentration levels and the non-inclusion of low
concentration until the comprehensive coverage of all the different concentrations in the
laboratory of clinical chemistry for various types of daily analyzes such as fat, protein, minerals,
enzymes, etc. between the analysis of daily patients samples with different levels of emphasis
between low, medium and high show it in the plane defined by the manufacturers of these
solutions titer. What Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in Reference Medical laboratory in Tripoli
doing is not enough, the application of quality control programs, both internal and external it
recommend seeking and seriousness in the rapid decision and purely on advanced scientific
methods for the application of quality controls within all medical laboratories in the country is
not enough until we get the accurate results of analyzes can help the physician to reach the
correct diagnosis.

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