To determine the seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) antibodies in
asymptomatic healthy population. Convenient sampling was done in asymptomatic healthy
individuals accompanying the patients who had no previous history of epigastric pain. Venous
blood was collected from individuals and sera separated. Enzyme-linked immunoflurescent assay
(ELFA) was used to determine H. pylori IgG antibodies in all sera. A total of 79 samples were
collected. H. pylori antibodies were found in 43 (54.4%) individuals. A 55.8 % seroprevalence
was found in subjects 20 < 35 years of age, which gradually decreased with age and reached to
11.6 % in subjects up to 65 years of age. There was no significant association between presence
of H. pylori antibodies and gender, marital status, dietary habits and sources of drinking water but
relation with education level and wash hands was significant. Infection with H. pylori is prevalent
in the healthy individuals of Benghazi, Libya. Infection is acquired in the early age and continues
as the age advances. A nationwide epidemiological study is warranted to determine the
seroprevalence of H. pylori in Libya.

Keywords: Asymptomatic, ELFA, Helicobacter pylori, Libya, seroprevalene, bacteria


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